Fleet Operation Optimization

Fleet operation optimization is a solution designed for companies that use fleets of vehicles, machines and people as the driving force of their business. Designed by an experienced team and expert partners from various parts of the world to adapt to ongoing technological developments.

Solutions cover fleet tracking, activity reporting, job scheduling, to systemized actions that can be sent through the control center. Also includes information display on dashboard, fleet maintenance application, and integrated communication module.

Combined with consulting for the selection of the most suitable device with quality products from our partners to ensure that every customer gets the expected value. Our products and services cover all regions with various types of communications such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Local to ensure flexibility.

We ensure that this solution can be used by all customers from logistics, public transportation, manufacturing, cooling chain, plantations, agriculture, oil and gas, to the mining

Computer Vision

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to understand and automate tasks that the human visual system can do. (Wikipedia)

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia presents computer vision as a solution for customers in Indonesia. This solution was developed with experienced partners both in terms of digital image and video data processing as well as in terms of the required devices.

Using the concept of edge computing where data processing is carried out directly at the place of recording to get faster and more efficient results in terms of the required data volume. This solution will provide benefits ranging from an easy implementation process, integration with existing devices that maximize asset value to the flexibility to add the desired new modules.

We believe that the role of artificial intelligence technology will continue to grow across all lines, that’s why we prepared this solution that can be used in almost all industries, from advertising, manufacturing, retail, logistics, transportation, agriculture, plantation, mining, oil and gas, construction, to law enforcement and governance.

IoT Enabler and Aggregator

Internet of things is believed to provide benefits in increasing operational efficiency, optimizing assets and resources, improving work safety, to improving customer service and retention which can improve business development.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia as a telematics solution provider company provides a variety of products and services to be combined into reliable solutions in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our solutions also always consider the customer’s conditions in terms of location to the availability of supporting infrastructure so that the costs incurred will be optimal. We also start from the smallest devices in the form of development boards to multi-functional smart terminal devices, with various types of communications ranging from BLE, cellular, Wi-Fi to Satellite to reach customers in various places and conditions.

Combined with software developed to work with thousands of devices and flexible data processing capabilities to integrate with other systems, our solutions will help industries such as smart cities, manufacturing, agriculture, plantations, mining, warehousing, industrial areas, and many other industries. which will further develop with the support of the Internet of Things.

Asset and Data Management

Assets and data are resources that cannot be separated in company operations. Maintaining both is very important to support decision making that takes place at any time. How assets will move from the initial arrival to be delivered to the end customer and ensure to continue to provide value is one of the keys to success in the company’s operations. Likewise, data transfer, both physical and digital documents recorded using mobile devices, is very important to ensure that every business process runs well.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia is supported by the world’s leading partners to provide solutions for all customers in terms of asset and data management, from asset registration, data recording, workflow, distribution to decision-making processes carried out at various levels. Including efficient data storage. Our platform works more effectively by making it easier to find information based on metadata, flexibility to manage workflows, and integration with other systems used by customers. Together with an experienced team that has provided services to hundreds of customers on a local and international scale spread across various sectors such as finance, construction, mining, oil, plantations, telecommunications, consulting and government.

Analytics and Visualizations

Analytics and visualization are the most important things in managing company assets and information. How is data obtained from various sources analyzed and then presented in the form of information that can be consumed directly by stakeholders in order to make the important decisions needed.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia presents solutions to help analyze and visualize data more easily, in detail and can be used by all customers. Using a system developed by a partner with decades of experience, this solution is designed with the ability to analyze millions of pieces of information and display it in a variety of formats that exactly match customer needs.

We present this solution for customers in all industry lines, from small scale companies to corporate groups who want their data to have optimal value.

Application Development

We recognize that each customer is unique, with a different profile, culture and environment. The need for applications that are specifically designed to suit customer conditions also always arises in every discussion with customers.

Complementing the solutions, we have presented and supporting Phoenix Solusi Indonesia’s role as an end-to-end service provider for all customers in the telematics sector, we provide services for application development based on customer needs. The application that will help optimize the company’s operations is developed with the latest technologies on a flexible platform. Can be used on various types of devices ranging from personal computers, mobiles, tablets in web form to native applications.

Supported by an experienced in-house team who are guided by consultants based on every detail of customer needs, we ensure that every application will deliver the expected value.