Vehicle and Asset Tracker

Vehicle and asset tracking is our main line of business with more than 10 years of experience providing the best devices for customers in Indonesia and other countries.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia collaborates with world-class device manufacturers from various levels to be able to provide the most appropriate products for our customers.

The devices we provide are internationally certified and registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information according to applicable regulations.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia is also the official distributor and partner of various vehicle and asset tracking device products that are widely circulated in Indonesia.

IoT Terminal

The Internet of Things is currently one of the most rapidly developing technological needs in the world. The importance of obtaining, managing, and controlling data from industrial devices is very crucial in various industries, from plantations to mining.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia presents products that can help customers digitalize through the implementation of the Internet of Things through smart terminals that can work in various conditions.

Our IoT Terminal is designed to be able to do all the things that are needed, not only collect data but also respond to the objects needed using communication technology, be it cellular, wi-fi, Bluetooth and even satellite. This capability provides flexibility and efficiency to customers to use it in various conditions.

Mobile Data Terminal

Mobile Data Terminal is a device that enables the integration of mobile solutions, especially in processes that require dynamic movement such as logistics, transportation, oil and gas, to the mining industry.

This device combines asset tracking functions such as vehicles and employees, business applications, activity tracking to reporting using photos or videos. The form of a tablet with the Android operating system provides flexibility for the applications used as well as guaranteed security standards.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia presents this solution to help customers optimize business processes and move more dynamically in the face of current developments.

Sensors and Instrument

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia as an end-to-end solution provider supported by experienced experts presents various sensors and instruments related to the Internet of Things as well as vehicle and asset tracking that customers need.

Together with the instrumentation and design team in our research and development division, all devices are designed and tested under conditions according to their intended location to ensure that they work optimally.

Supported by partners who have experience in producing devices with world-class standards and certifications, Phoenix Solusi Indonesia is able to meet customer expectations in optimizing business processes.

Installation Services

With dozens of years of experience in the telematics industry and facing a variety of different conditions in the field, Phoenix Solusi Indonesia understands that the device installation process is one of the most important parts of implementing a solution.

We continue to strive to meet these needs by working with technicians with years of experience spread across various regions in Indonesia, Phoenix Solusi Indonesia is ready to assist customers in installing devices, consultations, and training for the customer’s team of technicians.

Video Surveillance

The need for video surveillance has evolved from surveillance of static assets to dynamically moving assets. Also in line with the increasingly high standard of security procedures to prevent material losses and even casualties.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia as a telematics solution provider presents video surveillance devices that can be used on vehicles, heavy equipment to transportation facilities to provide real-time monitoring of assets to the safety of drivers and passengers.

Devices that are designed to be easy to install and withstand various conditions can provide complete information in the form of video recordings of ongoing events which can also be used to analyze running processes and prevent unwanted events such as accidents with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

This product has been successful in helping many customers in the field of logistics transportation, mining vehicle operations to public transportation in Indonesia and various other countries.

Customer and Technical Support

Effectiveness and efficiency are the main things that are currently always a concern for companies in running a business, of course after ensuring the production process runs well and produces quality products. In addition, the company’s agility is also needed to meet predetermined targets.

Phoenix Solusi Indonesia understands the needs of customers to continue to be able to get value from every information that is processed and continue to operate optimally. Therefore we provide product and service models that can help customers with managed services for every solution we provide. We have a team that is experienced in the field of technical support and customer support who will always be ready to answer the needs of customers to provide a calm effect so that they can focus more on running the business.