PT Phoenix Solusi is helping its customers across Indonesia to not only select the correct GPS device but to solve the particular problem they have. For a car owner it may be to make sure they know the location of the vehicle or if an attempt is made to break into the vehicle. For a parent it may be to know that their children are safe. 

For a company it may be to know where there service personnel are, or that a delivery will be made on time or the temperature of the refrigerated zone is correct or how can the company be more efficient in its fuel use. It also has solutions for monitoring conditions such as product level in storage tanks, intrusion detection, operation l hours of a piece of equipment, battery and charging conditions of Solar or Wind powered systems, all using a GPS device.

The Company

For numerous industries, having access to remote communication options is essential to ensuring that your business runs as smooth as possible.  PT. Phoenix Solusi Indonesia established in August 2010 to answer this challenge.

We are specializing in business visibility, secure data movement in an ever increasing mobile world.  With our thorough knowledge of technology standards like GPS solutions for asset tracking, you'll know that we can provide the communication and safety solutions you need.  Our products allow users to customize their service with the features that meet their communication needs.

We understand the demands that come with different forms of transportation.  Best of all, with our services, you can access all the necessary asset tracking information from the comfort of your own desk.

We have been working together with Indonesia's leading telecommunication providers  to develop value added software services around the devices and “protection on demand” concept.  Plus develop specialized D2D (Device to Device) and tracking products using existing provider service and plans.

In conjunction with Metro Telematik Persada we provide work class tracking and monitoring applications that include exceptional notifications, route management as well as real time alerting.